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Cigar Punch Cutters

The cigar punch cutter will cleanly cut a small hole on the head of the cigar. Some punch cutters, such as the Credo "3-in-1", have different ring gauge punches on a single cutter allowing you to cut large holes when needed.

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Credo 3 in 1 Cigar Punch Cutter 44 Magnum Bullet Cigar Punch Cutter Xikar 011 Twist Punch Cutter
• 3 Punch Cutters in 1
• Cut Cigars to 60 Ring Gauge
6 Models

• Real 44 Magnum Casings
• Stainless Steel Blade
2 Models

• Smooth Twist Action
• Large 11mm Blade
3 Models

Rosewood Cigar Punch Cutter 3 Hole Cigar Punch Cutter
3 Hole Punch
Price: $19.50
• Rosewood Frame
• Gold Metal Accents
1 Model

• 3 Cutters in 1
• Single Circular Device
2 Models