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Cigar lighters are a must for all who seek high quality, functionality and sophistication in every aspect of smoking. No one should ever be caught without the best cigar lighter. Shop our selection of some of the best cigar lighters from Colibri, Prometheus, Blazer and more.

Selected Products

Colibri Boss Triple Flame Lighter w/ Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter Colibri Quasar Table Lighter Triple-Jet Flames Xikar HP3 Lighter
Colibri Boss
Price: $135.00
Xikar HP3
Price: $87.50
• Triple-Jet Flame
• Built-in Cigar Cutter
4 Color Options

• Triple-Jet Flame
• Quasar Design
3 Color Options

• In-Line Triple-jet
• EZ-View Red Fuel Window
4 Color Options
Xikar Meridian Xi600 Triple Soft-Flame Lighter | Cigar and Wine Stuff Colibri Quantum Triple-Jet Flame with Built-in V-Cut | Cigar and Wine Stuff Colibri Slide Lighter - Double-jet Flame with single action "Push-Up" Ignition
Xikar Meridian
Price: $129.00
Colibri Quantum
Price: $175.00
Colibri Slide
Price: $65.00
• Triple Soft Flame
• Large Flint Ignition
4 Color Options
• Triple-Jet Flame
• Built-in Cigar Cutter
6 Color Options

• Double-Jet Flame
• Built-in Cigar Cutter
3 Color Options

Blazer Pocket Micro Torch Lighter Stealth 3 Lighter by Colibri -  Triple-jet Flame Cigar Lighter Monaco Lighter by Colibri - Triple Jet Flame
Blazer PB207
Price: $42.50
Colibri Stealth 3
Price: $100.00
Colibri Monaco
Price: $74.50
• Single Torch Flame
• Large Fuel Tank
6 Color Options

• Triple-Jet Flame
• Slim-Profile Ignition
5 Color Options

• Triple-Jet Flame
• Rubberized Finish
2 Color Options

Monaco Lighter by Colibri - Carbon Fiber Look Monaco Lighter by Colibri - Metallic Finish Blazer Top-Z Butane Insert
Blazer Top-Z Insert
Price: $12.50
• Carbon Fiber Look
• Triple-Jet Flame
3 Color Options

• Metallic Finish
• Triple-Jet Flame
4 Color Options

• Zippo Lighter Insert
• Dual Torch Flames
1 Color Options