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   The Humi-Pouch is a convenient and effective means of storing and conditioning cigars for up to 90 days. It activates automatically upon opening, is maintenance free and is ideal for travelling or when on vacation. Three sizes are available, the Elite (3-4 cigars), the Connoisseur (5-7 cigars), and the Vintage (up to 25 cigars). Tobacco by nature requires humidification in order to maintain freshness and flavor. Tobacco also needs to breathe to age properly. The Humi-Pouch permits cigars to breathe and adjust to changes slowly. The Humi-Pouch was engineered with a built in "lag time" for adjusting to outdoor conditions. Once returned to a conditioned environment, the Humi-Pouch will rebound slowly, protecting the taste and quality. It has daily air exchanges and a natural moisture source. The result is the Humi-Pouch maintains a relative humidity level of 68-72% using an all natural humidification process.
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